The Trials

Enci - Gruppo Cinofilo Viterbese
Enalcaccia Viterbo - Arcicaccia Nazionale
Trofeo Angelo Massimino Dicembre 2004
17 dicembre Casalone/Viterbo
18/19 dicembre Vetralla/Viterbo
20 dicembre Villa S.Giovanni in Tuscia/Viterbo
Prove di caccia
su selvaggina naturale
per continentali italiani
Prove di caccia su selvaggina
naturale con selvatico abbattuto
per continentali italiani
Prove di caccia su selvaggina naturale con selvatico abbattuto per continentali italiani

Storm locating snipe

Storm hard on point to snipe

Snipe shot by Judge Dr. Massimino and retrieved to hand earming a grading of Molto Buono.(Very Good)

Sorrel hunts the wind with correct high head carriage.

Then points solidly.

A quail is produced and shot by the Judge Snr. Rosciarelli

This hunt point and retrieve earns Sorrel a grading of Molto Buono (Very Good)

Above. Waiting to hunt under Judge Snr. Di Pinto.

Left. Storm hunts a smalloak coppice pointing and flushing a pheasant which escaped the shot.

Left. As this pheasant was not shot from the point, the dog is tested for retrieving by a dead bird being thrown and a shot being fired.
The dog is then also tested against a
second dog to check independent hunting.

Storms Grading on this trial was Buono. (Good)

Relaxing in the sun. The wooded area Storm located his bird in, is seen in the background.

When not handling the dog time to take in the scenery.

- and talk to other handlers.

Following the Trial, the Judges report on the work of the dogs they have seen.

A gift given in recognition of our visit.

Another day another Trial an overcast day and no success.

Julio shows off his new pups.

Left: |Snr. Tognolo (professional handler) prepares to run a Bracco.

Olive harvesting. You don’t see that at field trials at home.

Snr.Lozza C.I.Sp. President and Judge discussing
The finer points of dog work.

The meeting point at 7am each morning, the bar ‘Malu’at Tre Croci.

Julio indicates good areas to hunt to Judge Snr Rosciarelli.

Gathering for a photograph of graded dogs for our batteria.

Handler and Judge look on while Storm hunts. No bird located on this day.

The overall points winner over the four days of the “Trofeo Angelo Massimino’’. Above Left: Snr. Maresca Centre: ProfessionalHandler Snr. Rebaschio. Right: Judge U/K

Rest period hunting the forest near Tre Croci

A picnic with a big tin of chocolates what better way to celebrate.


Robyn Grooming Storm for the show.

Domestic pigs turned out to forage in the forest at Tre Croci. Quite a risky prospect for them as the wild variety are keenly hunted in the woods also.