This series of prova were held over three days on the 14th, 15th and 16th December 2002 in an areas near to the ancient walled town of Vetralla. To get to this venue I flew into Rome’s Ciampino airport and drove north for approximately 45 minutes. Unfortunately, unable to find the hotel, I settled for the second best option which was to sleep in the car outside the bar ‘malu’ the meeting point for the prova the following morning.


Flush & Shot

Retrieve to hand

Hunting through scrubby brush land

A striking specimen but no grading
due to a failed retrieve.

One of the handlers displays a
Snipe retrieved earlier by his dog.

The judge moves in to take a shot over a
Pointing spin’

Then on to a grassed court yard
surrounded by farm buildings

One of the buildings houses a restaurant
Where we have lunch, joined periodically
by other hunters.

After lunch a small ‘beauty show’ is held
The winning handler Marie Grazi Poli

And when it’s all over what do you do???.

When in Rome do as the Romans do. Go bowling and visit the Vatican!!.

Swiss Guards

The Vatican from St. Marks Square with Christmas Tree.

Some people have a gnome by their pond. The Pope has a Jon.

Bar Malu

The Judge and his assistant