On a recent trip to the UK Sr. Flavio Fussetti and Dr Grecchi representing SABI the Bracco Italiano breed Society in Italy visited and addressed the British breed society seminar. On that occasion an invitation was extended to both Jonathan Shaw and I to attend the forthcoming SABI Prove (Pointing Test) and Raduno (show) at the end of that month.






                                                  Flavio and                             Sr.Gritti(Di Cascina Croce)        Flavio, Jonathan & Pups

                                                  Diva di CascinaCroce & Pups





                              Some Bracchi Kenneled                                    Stuart at Lake Como                          Sr.Danilo Rebaschio (professional handler

                                 and trained By Sr. Gritti                                                                                         at La Tollara with Judge looking on.





The Judges gather just before lunch to comment on the dogs they have assessed.



Lunch under a hot sun.



After Lunch the show. Dogs were judged indoors while bitches were in the outdoor ring in the sun. I'm afraid sleeping in the shade became a priority at this point.


Day two, and up to the hills of Canossa for a joint Bracco/ Spinone prove. Officials collect the dogs log books at the start of the day.

There is a fine cast Spinone and Bracco bronze for the overall winner.



The atmosphere here was much cooler than on the previous day and the swarms of mosquitoes of the day before were just memories.

This was a managed game area  with cover crops of sunflowers and big rolling fields of alfalfa which had fairways mown through them.



On this day I was watching Proffessional handler Sr. Tognolo who handled all 15 dogs in this particular batteria. He operates somewhat like a professional racehorse trainer keeping training and campaigning all dogs palce with him by the owners (the cost approx 3000 per year)





After lunch we got talking with Luigi Bottani (another professional trainer/handler) and convinced him over coffee and grappa to run some Spinoni for us. He didn't need much convincing!!.