CISP Raduno Visit

March 2002



Our journey was from London Stanstead to Forli airport from there we drove for about 30 minutes to the town of Bertinoro where our hosts had arranged rooms at the university. Images above show the accommodation, view from the room and the road leading up to the university which hosted the forum held after the raduno.



                                                            Meal on the first night.


Images from the raduno










After the Raduno refreshments were given on the terrace prior to the forum at which the new CISP video was shown and a number of  addresses were given by Spinonsti concerning issues pertaining to the Spinoni. Excellent organisation by CISP meant that the non Italian speakers received a running translation through wireless earphones enabling them to fully enjoy the presentations.




The day was rounded off by a meal organised for all those attending the two day event at which new friends were made and ideas exchanged.