The Italian Spinone Club Of Great Britain

Spring Pointing Test 2002

At Waddesdon Estate.


Here are a selection of images captured by professional photographer Nick Ridley at the ISCGB Spring Pointing test on 13th April.

Our Judges on the day were Mr Jim Field and Miss Jennifer Hurley

We are most grateful to the Rothschild family and Waddesdon Estate,

particularly Head Keeper Mr David Luff for their help and assistance in this event.


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In this particular event there were 16 dogs running all handlers being members of the club.


Congratulations to Sally who was handling Sorrel (Sanjika Spirit of Taz) receiving a grading of 'Good'


In the U.K. as you will notice we tend to have all breeds of HPR competing together both in our Field Trials and Spring Pointing tests. It is the Judges job to ensure each breed is judged according to its own breed style. This as you can imagine can prove difficult as no training is given to Judges and they must learn from experience about the 10 HPR breeds currently authorised to run in trials in this country. 


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