Spring Pointing Day, Waddesdon, 2003.


2003 was the 20th anniversary year of the British Breed Club. To celebrate
the club had invited Italian Judges to the U.K. to deliver a seminar.
A working day was organised at nearby Waddesdon so that they had an
opportunity to see how the breed in Britain worked.
Anyway, the Gulf war happened, the visitors had to cancel their flights,
so we were left to roam the countryside together with ‘Shooting Times’
Journalist David Tomlinson and our dogs. So it wasn’t all that bad!

Paul Tommey with Jester & Sarge

‘Saffy’ showing a turn of speed.

A hare makes itself scarce.

Now, says David wouldn’t it be good to have a photo of all your dogs sitting.

David Tomlinson & Jon Roe.

Pointing French Partridge

Pointing hen pheasant

Dean Horsley watches a dog work

Handler Paul Carnal watches as ‘Saff’ takes
In ground.

Sue Kyle

Rob Kyle.

Julie Carnal

Group photo with the manor in the background.

Val Woodward & Goli