Bardantop Bash 2001 (without dogs)

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                              Here are a few photos of a very enjoyable day spent with Chris & Pete Guest

                              following an invitation to their family shoot in Rock, Worcestershire.


                              Thanks a lot to you both for a very enjoyable day and excellent hospitality.




The day begins in the yard drawing 'pegs' and meeting other Guns.



First drive stratospheric ducks. Bloody marvellous!!


Pete and Andy ready for action.






Some were lucky,

My score 0 for 7 shots







Standing waiting for this drive was a pure pleasure. The hill was covered with a crop of mustard and huge flocks of small birds feeding on the seed then made way for partridges and crafty cock pheasants.







As the shadows lengthened my toes began to numb. This was soon forgotten as a few high birds appear.






The effects of the cold, and the contents of a hip flask leave Andy deep in conversation with a lonely duck.


The day over we head back to the vehicles











No, at the last minute 3 more are brought  in by a returning group of guns.


The day over Chris counts up the birds. Will I be lucky in the sweepstake??









        A happy team.