Gallery 2

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              The'E' Team relax during a training                                                    Storm retrieving a freshly

              session in Lincolnshire.                                                                       Shot pigeon.




              Storm receiving praise and encouragement                                      Daughter Robyn handling a Young Storm

              From Trevor Rigby (HPR trainer/enthusiast)                                   at Cottington Lakes during training.  




Storm as a young dog pointing a hen pheasant at Nether Winchendon

Estate, Buckinghamshire. This photo was later used by artist

Steven Nesbitt to produce his painting 'I Spy'. Click here to view.




This the view over storms shoulder from the photo above.

Click on the photo and you may be able to see the bird





            Sally casting off Skye at Nether Winchendon                        Storm aged six months being encouraged to swim

            to begin the hunt.                                                                 by Robyn




A Spinoni, shooting party at Cottington lakes, Kent.


Not the best of shots but this is Storm and one of Trevor Rigbys GSP's backing a point on a covey of grouse

                                                                           in Derbyshire Summer 2001




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