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                                                                 Sally with Sanjika Spirit of Taz (Sorrel)                                                            (LtoR)  Skye, Jenna, Storm & Sorrel

                                                                at Chinkwell Shoot 2001                    



                                                (LtoR) Connomar Salvia at Sanjika (Jenna)                            Sentling Burning My Bridges at Sanjika.(Otis)

                                                                            Sanjika Sorrento(Storm)

                                                                            Sanjika Spirit of Taz (Sorrel)



                                       Connomar Mauria at Sanjika(Skye)                                                                     Connomar Mauria at Sanjika(Skye) Pointing.

                                                                 Pointing Pheasants at Waddesdon Estate. 




                                                         The 1st Chinkwell Woodcock arrive November 2001.                                           Connomar  Salvia at Sanjika with her first

                                                                                                                                                                                               Pointed, flushed and retrieved Woodcock



                                                                                       Woodcock                                                                                              Sanjika Spirit of Taz (Sorrel)




                                                                                Robyns first day picking up with Storm at                                       Later the same day, now behaving

                                                                                Waddesdon Shoot Nov.2001                                                              like an 'old hand'.





                                                                              The picking up team at Waddesdon is augmented                       'Sorrel' and Sue Kyle's 'Rufus' working together

                                                                             by regular Spinoni guests, a novelty in this area                           have located and are pointing a hen pheasant

                                                                              which is dominated by Labradors and Spaniels                             in a kale cover crop.




                                                                          Stuart & Sorrel on 'winter' wheat at Waddesdon.                         If your not sure what I mean by the term 'picking up' this photo

                                                                          These fields are full of Hares at the moment                                  illustrates quite well.  The 'Guns' are placed on set points(pegs)      

                                                                          giving plenty of opportunity for                                                     They can be seen forming a horseshoe pattern top right of

                                                                         steadiness training.                                                                            centre The birds are driven toward them by 'beaters'.

                                                                                                                                                      The job of the picking up dog is to collect any wounded  birds

                                                                                                                                                                                        For the handlers to dispatch humanely. This job gives dogs          

                                                                                                              excellent game and retrieving experience.                                                                            



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