What owning a Spinone

Is really like?


Owning a Spinone is not for the house proud. Their rough coat will deposit pieces of its last outing on your carpet and its beard manages to hold the remnants of its last meal which when mixed with water and with a shake of the head will create a sticky slobbery concoction to adhere to your décor.


Spinoni are an affectionate breed, always on the lookout for personal attention and if allowed, a nice cosy armchair to curl up on.  They have not been bred for guarding duties but some will bark when visitors approach the house, which is natural territorial behaviour.


Coats vary within the breed, some being denser than others do and this will affect the amount of care that each dog will require. Most dogs will lose their coat every six months and this is when hand stripping comes into its own. The hair will come out when plucked using thumb and forefingers. There are also grooming tools which make the job much easier.


Your spinone’s ears will need routine checks ensuring that there is not a significant build up of wax and dead hair but they should only be cleaned at the opening of the ear canal not right down inside the ear as this can lead to problems in the future.

Regular observation should also be paid to their beard (under jaw) and feet (between pads which can be trimmed) as with any matting of hair infections can follow.


This is a breed that should be given a good amount of exercise. Exercise keeps a dog well muscled mentally stimulated and assists in the digestive process. Exercise is an excellent time to train your dog in basic obedience tasks which will pay dividends in future life. Click here to see one of the Sanjika methods of exercise ensuring dogs are always in ‘tip top’ condition.


The Spinone is a gundog therefore is biddable and trainable. A well-behaved dog will be a pleasure to own and the basic commands of sit, stay and recall should be taught from the outset of your Spinones life with you.

If you are unsure how to carry out this training please seek advice. Do not delay, as a puppy is easier to train than an older dog, which has learnt its own bad habits.


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