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    16/12/2013.  25th Trofeo Angelo Massimino (Prove), Italy. Sanjika Jalawe  MB                                                                                                               


    15/12/2013.  25th Trofeo Angelo Massimino (Prove) Italy.Sanjika Nyasa CQN.                  


    14/12/2013. 25th Trofeo Angelo Massimino (Raduno) Italy.Sanjika Ivano, 1st Ecc.    

    CAC. Sanjika Jalawe 2nd Ecc. (Classe Libera).  Sanjika Nyasa, CAC (class Lavoro).   

    Sanjika Qualiga, Best In Show (too young to receive CAC at  20 months)..


    03/08/2013  Sanjika Jalawe Best of breed, CAC, CACIB.  Ancona 

    International Show. Italy. Sanjika Quaglia best bitch (too young to receive CAC at  

    15 months).


    09/03/2013.  Nemo del Subasio at Sanjika wins 1st Place in Veteran Dog Class at 



     19/12/2011. Sanjika Successes at 23rd Trofeo Angelo Massimino Achieving 2 x  

     2nd places and 2 x 3rd places with 3 x excellent gradings for Davidensis Silver    

     at Sanjika and Sanjika Kamuzu and a grading of good for youngster Sanjika 

     Nyasa. (see pictures section)


     02/04/2011.  Nemo del Subasio at Sanjika wins best ‘open’ brown roan dog and 

     reserve CAC & Sanjika Nyasa wins best young female brown roan at Club  

     Italiano Spinoni, Raduno Triennale di Razza, Castrocaro Terme 1-3 Aprile 2011 

     (see 'pictures' section)



      23/12/2010. Sanjika Kamuzu  achieves a 2nd and 3rd place with gradings of 

      Molto Buono (Very Good) at  22nd Trofeo Angelo Massimino at Civita

      Castellana (field trials), Italy.


      23/12/2009. Sanjika Kamuzu and Nyika gain gradings of Molto Buono (Very 

      Good) at 21st Trofeo Angelo Massimino, Civita Castellana (field trials), Italy.


20/09/2009. The Sanjika Kennel welcomes new addition Davidensi’s Silver.  Davidensi’s Arno x Davidensi’s Cenere.  Our greatest thanks to Marcello for allowing us to have him.


21/10/08. At this time Nemo del Subasio at Sanjika is holding the UK’s ‘Top Stud Dog’ position. (annual award, progeny having accumulated the most points in the ring)

10/04/08. Sanjika successes at CISP Raduno and Prova at Fratte Terme. 2008  Winning both  ‘Brace’ and ‘Group’ Classes. Jumanji  obtaining a 2nd with ‘excellent’ grading in the open white and orange class and Nyika  obtaining a 3rd place with an ‘excellent’ grading in the open brown roan class.  (See Pictures page and Magazine Article in Scrap Book).


(Team Sanjika only British Kennel to handle their dogs at both Prove and Raduno, Vetralla, Italy, December 2004. Sorrel winning the open brown roan bitch class awarded 1 Ecc. And also a grading of Molto Buono on quail in the trials. Storm in two trials was graded Buono  on pheasant and Molto Buono on snipe.) To see  Club Italiano Spinoni  Newsletter Report click here.





















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Cobbets Luna di Argento at Sanjika

15-4-96 to 27-01-00

Our first Spinone who taught us that our home couldn't be without one.


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