The two photographs below illustrate Sanjika Spirit of Taz locating, pointing and flushing a hen pheasant on command during a spring pointing test.

When training your Spinone, in my opinion, you are aiming for a dog to range according to your requirements,

In wide-open areas such as grassland or low cover you require your dog to hunt an area of maybe 100 metres or more either side of you. In close cover such as woodland you may want your dog to work much closer as there will be potentially more scent and cover to investigate and it will be more likely that you will see your dog when it comes on point.

Your training should promote the dog holding the point until you give the pre-trained signal to flush. On flushing the dog should sit and 'mark' (that is check for the fall of the bird should it be shot). While you may as a practical hunter allow your dog to retrieve immediately without a command I personally would not find this desirable (In a U.K. Field Trial your dog would be eliminated for doing so.)

The dog when trained should be handled using whistle and hand signals. Use of the human voice and over use of the whistle is to be discouraged as nothing will disturb game and cause birds to run more than this. Put simply, the quiet handlers' dog will simply find more game.

The method and standard of retrieving for this breed is no different to say the Labrador retriever but the natural instinct to do so is not as strong and for this reason I would certainly start to encourage this behaviour at an early age.