Grouse 26/3/02


                                                   Here are a few pictures taken with a small digital camera on the day unfortunately it doesn’t have huge zoom capability.


    The purpose of this day is to count the potential breeding pairs of grouse in order to estimate the coming seasons population.


                                                   After the broods hatch, counts will be carried out once again for the actual population.


      During the day records are also made of any predators seen or any dead birds found which may indicate predation or disease.





Rob, Trevor & Stuart.








                                                                                              Sorrel locates and flushes a Cock and Hen.


Lunch break. Not often we can sunbathe here in March!!!

(Andy, Rob & Trevor)



                                          Mexican stand off.  Sorrel points a cock Grouse

                                                            which stands in full view looking at her.




                                              This is my favourite photo of the day.



Total count for the day 220 birds.