Post Graduate Dog

Cesare del Subasio at Sanjika

Special Puppy Bitch

Sanjika Nyika 3rd

Judge Frank Kanes comments “12 months brown roan with excellent coat and skin. Good head
planes. Pleased for balance. Needs to tighten in front action and pasterns. “

Sanjika Natalia 4th
Owner - Leslie Smith

Sanjika Nocciola
Owner - Veronica Williams

Pickers Up Classes - sponsored by the British Association for Shooting & Conservation
“Are for those who have regularly picked up on a shoot throughout the season, they must provide
written confirmation from the headkeeper that they have been members of his regular
“picking up” team.”

Any Variety HPR - Individual

Sanjika Sorrento 4th

BASC Regional “Pickers Up” Team Competition

Sanjika Spinoni at Waddesdon Shoot 3rd
Comprising Handled by
Sanjika Sorrento Robyn Griffin
Sanjika Spirit of Taz Sally Griffin
Sanjika Amalfi Stuart Griffin

Sanjika Sorrento & Robyn Griffin